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PT PMDN / Local Company

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Hello Maxx’s people! You must be familiar with PT PMDN, PT PMDN or Domestic Investment is an investment activity to conduct business in the territory of Indonesia carried out by domestic investors using domestic capital. Investment can be done by the government, state-owned enterprises, and individuals. PT PMDN is widely used for various business activities in Indonesia and has advantages such as:

    1. Easy to obtain additional funds or capital by procuring new shares
    2. Company capital varies according to business classification
    3. Can have three business activities that are interrelated with each other
    4. Can participate in open tenders.

The first step you must take to establish a PT PMDN is to prepare business information, investment capital, production plan, projected turnover, number of workers and names of shareholders of your PT.

For PT PMDN licensing requirements are:

    1. Name of PT (at least 3 syllables using Indonesian language)
    2. Copy of ID card + personal NPWP of shareholders
    3. Copy of ID card of Directors and Commissioners
    4. Domicile Certificate from the Building Manager, if the office is located in the building
    5. Proof of Ownership / Lease Letter, if any
    6. Latest IMB (Building Permit) /  PBB (Property Taxes), if any
    7. Office Address, Phone Number, Line of Business, Company Capital, Share Composition, and Board of Directors Composition
    8. Email Address of Company and Shareholders
    9. Authorized capital of the business entity Paid-up capital min 25% of the authorized capital of the business entity.

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